Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Welcome Ramadhan:)

Dear blog,

Tomorrow is the 1st day of Ramadhan,
i know, everyone is so happy!!!
we are waiting and counting days for this precious moment to arrive,
and now, here we are,
so, no chance im gonna waste it!
Welcome Ramadhan!!!
May all of us, be granted with Barakah this holy month brings..:)

ALLAH SWT opens all of the doors of every paradise,
and all of the doors lead to hell are closed tightly,
There comes a night which is better than any other nyte,(LailatulQadar)..
So, take our chance and open up our heart...<3

i could see that most of the girls were so busy bought many kinds of food for the sahur purposes,
and here,in my room, i can smell Tom Yam!!wow!!
Some of them already busy cooking,
Isnt it too early?hehe..
Actually, i feel lonely, and this is the first ramadhan that i celebrate alone,
my frens stay at different college, and my roomates when back home,
so, none of them will accompany me :(

I will have breads and milk for sahur...
That is it!
Sahur is my most favourite moments,
i love the calmness and the serene feeling that surrounds this moments,
There is Barakah in sahur, so, try not to miss it...

So, later....
Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa:)


mar yanie said...

sob3..rindu sangat

rafie said...

you poor thing.. the loneliness must have been driving you crazy is it? well, i'm always here for you if you want to talk. hehe.. selamat berpuasa!

atiq said...

x de org tgk zara..so advantages makan senyap2 ..hehe..slmat berpuasa :)

Zara said...

atiq..selamat berpuasa juga!!
pie dan yani juge..:)
Selamat berpuasa!!