Thursday, July 29, 2010


Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh
ini adalah surat wasiat dari penjaga makam
Nabi Muhammad SAW iaitu Sheikh Ahmad
Maeine (Saudi Arabia).
pada suatu malam ketika membaca Al-Quran di
makam Rasulullah SAW.
selepas membaca lalu
hamba tertidur, dalam tidur hamba bermimpi
didatangi Rasulullah SAW lalu bersabda kepada
hamba, dalam 60 000 orang yang meninggal
dunia di zaman ini tiada seorang pun yang
matinya dalam keadaan beriman.
(a)isteri tidak mendengar kata suami.
(b)orang kaya tidak lagi bertimbang rasa.
(c)orang tidak lagi berzakat dan tidak membuat
Oleh itu wahai Sheikh Ahmad, hendaklah kamu
menyedarkan kepada orang Islam ini supaya
membuat kebajikan, kerana hari
penghabisan(Qiamat) akan tiba di mana
bintang akan terbit dari langit, sesudah itu
matahari akan turun di atas kepala.
(a) berselawat - untuk junjungan Nabi kita
Muhammad SAW.
(b) bertaubatlah - dengan segera sementara
Pintu Taubat masih terbuka.
(c) Bersembahyanglah
(d) berzakat - jangan ditinggalkan.
(e) Menunaikan Fardhu haji - bila
(f) Jangan menderhaka kepada kedua ibu

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dimulakan dgn Bismillah.......:)

Do u realize the importance and the goodness of saying Bismillah before we want to do anything?

There goes;

RASULLULLAH SAW pernah bersabda “Tiada seorang hamba pun yang mengucapkan bismillah kecuali ALLAH SWT perintahkan kepada malaikat yang bertugas mencatat amal manusia dalam buku amalannya sebanyak empat ratus kebaikan..

Dalam hadis ini juga ada menyebut “Sesuatu perbuatan yang baik tanpa dimulai dgn Bismillah, maka ia akan terputus dari rahmat ALLAH SWT. (Dipetik daripada majalah Al-Islam)....

Thus, remember to say Bismillah before we start to do anything good...:)
InsyaALLAH, mendapat berkat daripadaNYA...


Saturday, July 24, 2010


Dear Blog,

why i am so bored?
maybe because i don't start my project yet...i think so...
amidst all of the works that i am supposed to do,
i still keep staring at the ceiling,
and keep on thinking about my decision...
its not easy to make a decision...
i keep on thinking,
is it alright? is it wrong?
will i be okay?
why am i feeling sooo down?
why i cant be happy?

the almost four month holiday, i spent with happiness,
of course, its been a long time i didnt come home..
i missed the feeling of staying at home...
i wish i could stay at home forever...hehehe...
i think i am homesick....hahaha....

i wanna be energetic,
i wanna be enthusiastic,
but i am so down la...aiyooooo.....

how to be happy?
is there any guidelines that i can follow?
this is only temporary...i need to be ready...

stop worrying!
start working!
it is such problems to think about things that are beyond the power of our wills..
hopefully, i'll can do it...

whenever u are feeling down or sadness is overwhelming,
talk to ALLAH...HE listen to you....:)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Settling down

Dear Blog,

Guess what?? finally i got a room and a sweet roommate..
i consider myself as a lucky person...:)
for today la....hehehe...
i hope that life in UTM will be exciting, just like before...
cant believe that time flies so fast,
i did my degree way back on 2007, and now it is 2010...
too fast,
i cant catch up...
i did try to recall all of the previous moments,
remember every single names, unfortunately i cant..
is it becuz there were loads, or me, getting older and forgetful...(i prefer the first reason!)

i missed my good frenz,
we were alwiz together...
life was fun with them..
now, alone....
hmmmmm.....make new friends..but they will never be the same...

what is d best, i have izan and shasha...coming up nisa and shakinah..hehe..:)
my frenz...:)

p/s: Thanks to izzan for ur kind assistance...:)
i am highly appreciating ur deeds...:)
ALLAH bless u...:)


im clueless...:p
my beloved means nothing without...

mak dan adik2...hehe....luv u <3

yati and me : we luv our cekodoks...i misss u yati!!!

with yani, my gossip girl (artist only!!) life is soooo lame without u!!

* All of sudden, jadik rajin plak upload pics...;p nevamind..hehe...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

to the earth we return...

Dear Blog,

Its been quite a long tyme i dont write in here...My home don't have internet connection,
so,that's explain everything..
Ive juz finished my study at UTM, convo is on the September, after the eid..
and im going to continue my study,hello UTM!! again...
but honestly, i do love UTM....becuz i love the surroundings and my faculty and the people in it...
I'm lucky to be here again..Thanks ALLAH...:)

While writing this,my mind is rewinding the previous moments that i had encounter during my holidays,on the 3rd of June, ive lost my wan (granny)...
She is gone to meet our creator....
Semoga roh wan dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan bersama orang-orang yang beramal soleh...aminnn....A day before that, my cousin, died too..She was very young, but Allah loves her more....Al-Fatihah...Then, my atuk saudara died too due to accident with a lorry...
They said it was a treler, but not very sure of it becuz there were no witness..Al-Fatihah...

And then, an indian man, Uncle Subramaniam died the rubber estate behind my house...Was a kindhearted man....ive still remember that he offered me his hp so that i can call home...It happened so fast, while i was cleaning my house,
suddenly, ive heard a woman voice screaming "tolong2!!!"...
Then, my sisters and my father ran towards the voice..including me...
we were afraid as we tought it might be something dangerous.
Bravely, my father juz go there,unarmed...
and then, we saw him, lying limply at his wife....

at first look, i knew it was a heart attack...
What we did after that, despite our nervousness, we carried him our heart, we prayed hard for the life of this father did try to save him..but it was his tyme to go..It was a fate..He died on the way to the clinic...He will be remembered...he was also a guard at my sister's school, and everyone knew that he was such a kind and loving man....

Life is toooooooo short!!!!
im afraid of what life is offering....

So long.......