Saturday, April 17, 2010

Soften the hardening heart..

Dear Blog,

I'm so lazy today,

i watched a movie even though i'm going to face two more exams next week,

and now, i'm writing up my blog.....

Still don't regret it, don't u....ahaha.....

I know, when d exam is getting nearer, then at that time i'm starting to get busy,

reading all the notes, consume every words and ready to regurgitate it during exam...typical me!

I need to change,


Today, i did something very benificial after wasted much times (finally!..)

I read a blog, a good one, real good!!

- it dear friends :)

It told a way to soften the harden heart....

by reading beautiful words with beautiful meanings...

words that u read can calm urself,

words that u read give u satisfaction,

words that u read that grant u,

words that u read make u happy,

words that u read make u believe,

words that u read that help u,

the biggest "mukjizat" of our beloved prophet,Nabi Muhammad S.A.W

It is the AL-QURAN....

I've still remember,

Ustaz Abdullah told me,

We need to read Al-Quran at least a page per day,

it will prevent us from doing bad things,

It help us,

It help our heart from becoming black with sins....


Read Al-Quran.....:) Everyday......:)

and I'm trying.....:)

Zara.....(happy mode even though 15 more chapters to go)....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My favourite Manga, Samurai Deeper Kyo :)

Dear Blog,

I guess everyone must have their very own favourite story,
and for me, it is none other than the super cool manga,
Samurai Deeper Kyo...huhu
How do i fall in love with Kyo?
It started way back in 2002, im not very sure,
when i was studying at MRSM Muadzam Shah,
My roomate, Athirah, she really loved to buy Komik Remaja or in short, KREKO...
After she finished reading it, i will borrow the magazine from her..
(i cannot buy myself,didnt have much money...hihihi..)
Kreko is like a compilation of many comic stories in one book, so, it like a series,
From all of the stories within it, i really like Kyo,
For me, he is so handsome with those red eyes even though at first, i thought he was an evil man...

He is potrayed as the strongest warrior during that time and the last hope to save the world from the savage ruler of Mibu clan,
Accompany his journey was miss
Yuya Shina who is beautiful yet brave,
i like miss Yuya Shina character, naive but a great believer in whateva she believe,
Benitora,kindhearted even though come from a very rich family,
Sanada Yukimura, Gentle but strong, he had such a sad love story,
Akira, the wise blind man,
Lord Bontenmaru, a very big man but peace loving,
Okuni, Sexy spy and Sarotabi Sasuke, a cute boy but one of the strongest warrior too...

All of them worked as a team, friends and sometimes enemy but with the same mission, to bring back peace in Japan...
Their friendship, loyalty and love really touched me,
They were willing to sacrifice their life to protect others..

In the end, they did it,
Kyo married Yuya and live happily ever after,
Kyo and Yuya really made a perfect couple,
I felt sweet la...

A valuable lesson i've learned from this story,
we need to work hard to achieve our mission,
even though at the time, our body is telling us to stop,
But our heart say, MOVE ON!!!

Zara <3<3

Monday, April 5, 2010

In the end...

Dear Blog, done with my final year project,
million thanks to my supervisor,Dr.Shafinaz Shahir,
Thanks to Mak and Ayah, who alwiz supported me, in every ways....
my lab mates, especially Suriana,Azriena and Aida...
All of u have helped me a lot...:)
Im grateful from the bottom of my heart,
Only ALLAH can repay back the deeds that u gave me...
Thanks to my friends too who alwiz be by my side..
Not forgetting, yani, who helped me to edit my thesis,
when i almost vomitted due to long tyme exposure to the lappy...

The moments that we struggled to finish the thesis,
could never be rewind,
i will miss this very moment and im not going to forget it...
After we have separated, everyone has their own paths that they choose,
But still, u,my friends will always have a special place in my heart..
Thanks for the greatest memories that all of u gave me..

There are too much too cherish
Too much sweet memories
Too much of ups and downs
Hopefully, it is a neverending story..

Special Thanks to u..yes u...<3