Wednesday, August 4, 2010

busy week..:)

Dear Blog,

These previous days,i had attended two talks,
On the monday and tuesday, i've attended talk bout confocal microscopy,
one of the products created by NIKON,
Seriously, the microscope is really amazing and has a lot of different purposes,
Still, the best is that it can visualize and record live cell imaging, creative invention!!
Imagine, u can actually look into cells, the cells interacting and moving, the mitosis occuring in a film like! Then, the red blood cells moving in the blood vein....impressed!
Congrats Nikon!
What i really like about the talk, the presenter, Dr Clement (Thanks Dr!)
he is very kind and enthusiastic..
He explained us about the basic principles of microscopy,
starting from the bright field, then DIC and also phase contrast..
Then, fluorescent (my project is about fluorescent too, so this really interest me!)...
The microscope can show various color of fluorescent from the stained samples or readily fluoresce samples, hah!great!
after that, he did give us chance to try to operate the fully motorized microscope
(it comes with a joystick too!)
i hope our faculty can buy this microscope,
it is really beneficial and will help the students to do the researches...

Today which is this afternoon, i went to Dr Peter Klappa talk,
He is currently doing research in the system biology,
Im so happy listening to him,
Sometimes he made jokes, and it was so jaw achingly funny!!
Ive learned a lot of new things from him,
Hopefully, it will enrich my knowledge...:)

This week, i am very busy, doing this and that,
i'm happy, but i missed my family..:)
u can live without friends, but u wont survive without ur family...<3
All for one and one for all!! my big family:)

I missed this moment...can we replay it back??


rafie said...

so skema la u! haha

mar yanie said...

pi'e..nape cakap cam2.xbaekkkkk..hehe

Zara said...

hehe...mekasih yani kerana menjadi defender saya!
pie, skema is the in thing rite now tau!
siapa tak skema tak stylo..;p

rafie said...

ooh~ awak amat la skema tp x stylo~