Friday, August 20, 2010

traditional ways.:)

Dear Blog,

Quite a long tyme i didnt update anything here..
kind of busy with my works..
Recently, i did try to google ways to eliminate the pimple scar from face..
Diz is because i do have the scar on my face..but i do not want to use chemicals..
thus, d other options are by using traditional ways...
There are three ways dat we can give a try...

Firstly, by using the tamarind or asam jawa...
then, mix it with the bedak sejuk..
afterwards, u can apply it on d scar ...
or u can try d second method..
use d cinnamons (powder form or u can scrub it on d mortar to get the extract),
then, same thing, add in d bedak sejuk...
but,beware, cinnamons is hot, try to limit d amount is used,
im not really into dis way...instead of eliminating scar, more scar will appear..
d third method is by using the aloevera,
remove d torns by cutting it, then cut it open,then,rub it on d scar..
Do it frequently..

I love the 3rd way, but aloevera is hard to get..
so, no chance to try it..
hehe....okayla, Bio oil is d last option..
Get it from the pharmacy...

in order to ensure d scar finally fade away,
we need to be constant in our regime,
visible result cannot be seen in overnite..
so,be patient...

Apart from these scar elimination ways,
i did find ways to redden d lips,
u can use honey or margerine,
based on d users testimony,
they ve said it works...
plus,they said u dont have to apply lipsticks,lipbalm,lipice,lipgloss or so forth..
Natural works for d smokers too...
Im thinking on giving it a try...
can save d money from buying all those lip2..(ye la tu..;p)

There are a lot of traditional ways that we can try,
but d question here,
rajin tak??hehe...
but seriously, im happy to browse dis info,
our orang2 tua zaman dahulu are very clever,
they knew the benefits that natural confers,
if we have money and workers, we can do a lot of researches in diz area..
Natural works best..:)
dat's why our world is now focusing on green and sustainable technology..:)
it creates balance...<3

enough for my ramblings,
Frenz, dont forget to sahur eyh,
Berbuka mesti tak lupa kan,hehehe..



rafie said...

my bibir dh semulajadi pink la.. hahaha.
xyah la buang parut tu. cute pe..

Zara said...

hehe...awak kalahkan pempuan.
biarla,ni nak wat eksperimenla...

rafie said...

xdela pink sampai mcm tu kot!

Zara said...

hehe..aiseh...x mau ngaku la plak..;p