Sunday, August 29, 2010

Save d human race...

Dear Blog,

Recently, i dont know why...
there were many news about babies were dumped..
they were killed by the persons who were responsible of bringing them to the world...
some were burned, some were flushed down the toilet,
some were threw into dustbins like they were nothing, just useless garbage...
Some were put in the boxes, or in the drains,
Some were left at d doorsteps of others houses,
Some were lucky, someone found them and saved them...

Ish...this is really bothering me,
human is losing their love towards other human beings,
This is happening at alarming rate,
when i was a child,
life seems so perfect,
however, as i grew older, my perspective changed,
life is not alwiz what we wish to be...
I think the only good solution to prevent this social issue from getting worse,
apart from other solutions,
is to adhere strongly to our religion...

People always claimed that human who have no hearts are like animals,
i do not agree with this,
animals love their offsprings very much,
ALLAH give us mind to think and heart to love,
but we misused it,
animals, even though they cant think or choose right from wrong,
they did no such cruel things to their own blood....

Mother is where the heart is...
and the home of happiness belongs to...

No matter what happens, the mother will stick together with her baby, and carry the baby no matter where she goes...
"You jump,i jump!"

See, d mother is sitting on d dangerous side, to prevent her babies from falling...
even though d baby looks fragile, with mother by the side, d baby becomes brave to overcome any obstacles in life...

Baby is a gift,
Dont throw them away,
They didnt deserve to be punished for our very own mistakes...:(


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

sambal tumis udang + petai...:)

Dear blog,

hai, how are u?
so, how are ur fasting?
is it brings benefits to u, or the only thing that u can get is only hunger??

this is a reminder that i've alwiz heard during terawikh...
The imam took a break during the prayer to give us tazkirah..and he kept on reminding us about this...
Fasting doesnt mean to stop ourselves from eating and drinking,
it means to help us to change ourselves to become good and to ponder what is the meaning behind our creation.
Obviously, the answer is to only worship ALLAH...
May all of us be granted with the goodness this holy month brings..<3

ok, now back to my main story..
one of my favourite dishes is sambal tumis udang petai....hehehe...
so, one fine day, i bought this sambal from a makcik...
and she gave me, "sesenduk"!!
aisey, too much for alone eater like me...
and the price was rm2 only...ok la..
so, i took it..

because of there was loads of sambal plus my other food,
i wasnt able to eat all,
so,the sambal was a total waste..
The next day, i went back to d stall,
and asked for rm1 of the sambal tumis,
and she didnt want to sell it to me...
she arrogantly said,that i couldnt by anything for rm1 because of the petai is soooooo expensive....
i told her that i wanted a little as i coulndt finish it...
and of course i didnt want to waste it...
then, this mak cik turned her back on me...

d next day, i went to other stall, and d mak cik there treated me nicely,
ive asked if i can buy any of her food at any prices,
'of course u can, how much, 50 cent?70 cent?'she kindly replied...
so,happy me..:)
ye la,beli byk2 siapa nak makan...

This manner is an example of a good seller,
treat d customer nicely and able to tolerate to their needs,
dont be too arrogant, u need customer to give u money...
and then, i banned the arrogant mak cik stall...

yesterday, when i went to d bazar,
it was already 6.30 pm, and i could see that
sambal tumis udang petai mak cik that ive banned,
still loads, like no one was buying it...
that's d effect if u dont treat customer well...
in contrast to the kind makcik stall,
there were almost nothing left...
hehe....see, reasonable prices + be nice +smile = money...:)

Berbuka puasa di Pizza,jadi makan piza la...:)


Friday, August 20, 2010

traditional ways.:)

Dear Blog,

Quite a long tyme i didnt update anything here..
kind of busy with my works..
Recently, i did try to google ways to eliminate the pimple scar from face..
Diz is because i do have the scar on my face..but i do not want to use chemicals..
thus, d other options are by using traditional ways...
There are three ways dat we can give a try...

Firstly, by using the tamarind or asam jawa...
then, mix it with the bedak sejuk..
afterwards, u can apply it on d scar ...
or u can try d second method..
use d cinnamons (powder form or u can scrub it on d mortar to get the extract),
then, same thing, add in d bedak sejuk...
but,beware, cinnamons is hot, try to limit d amount is used,
im not really into dis way...instead of eliminating scar, more scar will appear..
d third method is by using the aloevera,
remove d torns by cutting it, then cut it open,then,rub it on d scar..
Do it frequently..

I love the 3rd way, but aloevera is hard to get..
so, no chance to try it..
hehe....okayla, Bio oil is d last option..
Get it from the pharmacy...

in order to ensure d scar finally fade away,
we need to be constant in our regime,
visible result cannot be seen in overnite..
so,be patient...

Apart from these scar elimination ways,
i did find ways to redden d lips,
u can use honey or margerine,
based on d users testimony,
they ve said it works...
plus,they said u dont have to apply lipsticks,lipbalm,lipice,lipgloss or so forth..
Natural works for d smokers too...
Im thinking on giving it a try...
can save d money from buying all those lip2..(ye la tu..;p)

There are a lot of traditional ways that we can try,
but d question here,
rajin tak??hehe...
but seriously, im happy to browse dis info,
our orang2 tua zaman dahulu are very clever,
they knew the benefits that natural confers,
if we have money and workers, we can do a lot of researches in diz area..
Natural works best..:)
dat's why our world is now focusing on green and sustainable technology..:)
it creates balance...<3

enough for my ramblings,
Frenz, dont forget to sahur eyh,
Berbuka mesti tak lupa kan,hehehe..


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Welcome Ramadhan:)

Dear blog,

Tomorrow is the 1st day of Ramadhan,
i know, everyone is so happy!!!
we are waiting and counting days for this precious moment to arrive,
and now, here we are,
so, no chance im gonna waste it!
Welcome Ramadhan!!!
May all of us, be granted with Barakah this holy month brings..:)

ALLAH SWT opens all of the doors of every paradise,
and all of the doors lead to hell are closed tightly,
There comes a night which is better than any other nyte,(LailatulQadar)..
So, take our chance and open up our heart...<3

i could see that most of the girls were so busy bought many kinds of food for the sahur purposes,
and here,in my room, i can smell Tom Yam!!wow!!
Some of them already busy cooking,
Isnt it too early?hehe..
Actually, i feel lonely, and this is the first ramadhan that i celebrate alone,
my frens stay at different college, and my roomates when back home,
so, none of them will accompany me :(

I will have breads and milk for sahur...
That is it!
Sahur is my most favourite moments,
i love the calmness and the serene feeling that surrounds this moments,
There is Barakah in sahur, so, try not to miss it...

So, later....
Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa:)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

busy week..:)

Dear Blog,

These previous days,i had attended two talks,
On the monday and tuesday, i've attended talk bout confocal microscopy,
one of the products created by NIKON,
Seriously, the microscope is really amazing and has a lot of different purposes,
Still, the best is that it can visualize and record live cell imaging, creative invention!!
Imagine, u can actually look into cells, the cells interacting and moving, the mitosis occuring in a film like! Then, the red blood cells moving in the blood vein....impressed!
Congrats Nikon!
What i really like about the talk, the presenter, Dr Clement (Thanks Dr!)
he is very kind and enthusiastic..
He explained us about the basic principles of microscopy,
starting from the bright field, then DIC and also phase contrast..
Then, fluorescent (my project is about fluorescent too, so this really interest me!)...
The microscope can show various color of fluorescent from the stained samples or readily fluoresce samples, hah!great!
after that, he did give us chance to try to operate the fully motorized microscope
(it comes with a joystick too!)
i hope our faculty can buy this microscope,
it is really beneficial and will help the students to do the researches...

Today which is this afternoon, i went to Dr Peter Klappa talk,
He is currently doing research in the system biology,
Im so happy listening to him,
Sometimes he made jokes, and it was so jaw achingly funny!!
Ive learned a lot of new things from him,
Hopefully, it will enrich my knowledge...:)

This week, i am very busy, doing this and that,
i'm happy, but i missed my family..:)
u can live without friends, but u wont survive without ur family...<3
All for one and one for all!! my big family:)

I missed this moment...can we replay it back??