Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Katakan Tak Nak Pada Rokok!!:)

Dear Blog,

It is a common things that people smoke nowadays,

Either man or woman,

Smoking is the biggest addiction and will lead to disastrous ending, obviously, CANCER!!

I know, everyone is scared of the word ‘CANCER’,

Generally, each one of us has the possibility of developing a cancer,

But it is dependent on several factors…

However, if it is due to the genetic problems, CANCER is said to be incurable…

Apart from all of the reasons in the world, SMOKING is the one of the biggest reasons for us to have CANCER!

So, stop SMOKING!


I know it is hard, but think of the future…

We do not want to finally end up in a hospital ward, choked up with wyres here and there…

Have u ever heard of NIQUITIN??

Yes, it is one of the medicines to help SMOKERS stop smoking….

It is a replacement for the Nicotine in the cigarettes...in a safer level...

It will help the smokers to finally quit smoking, step by step....

I have a brother in law, abg azad..

He tried this Niquitin and gradually, he can control himself from smoking...

From maybe a box or more every day, he finally settle down to only 2 or three cigarettes everyday…

It’s working!! and he said the price is around rm70 only..

Imagine, the money u can save if u quit smoking!!

And I would like to suggest for those who want to stop smoking to start using this Niquitin …

This is because We care and love u….

So, stop smoking :)

Katakan tak nak pada rokok!!

Don’t think about others..

Think about u…:)

Go and search for this Niquitin!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Life as u know it

Dear blog,

Life as u know it

Sometimes happy, sometimes sad,

Sometimes challenging, sometimes boring,

Life as u know it,

Moving from a phase to another phase,

U were down in one phase,

Yet happy at the other phase,

Life as u know it,

Full of secrets,

Full of dreams,

Achievable if u manage to cross the barriers,

And the biggest barrier is u and urself…only….