Friday, March 26, 2010

No feels at all

Dear blog,

Hi everyone..
Hope all of u r in d pink of health..
next week, i'm gonna face my final year project presentation...(nerves!!)
Ive alwiz have this nervousness
No matter how hard i try to control it....
ive still remember d last proposal presentation,
Im so nevous until i cannot reply aza's messages...hahaha.....
But what make it more worse, i cannot donate my blood bcuz my heart is beating so fast,
and it causes my blood pressure to be high.....aiyoo.....
To be true, i dun feel that nervous but it seems so uncontrollable...
I cannot control myself....sounds old already....

Tips before presentation:

a) Be ready
b)Wear ur best clothes, but please,not too is d best color..
c) Do ur best, dont be over prepared, moderation is d key..:)
d) relax (i cannot relax....;p big probs...)
e) Pray

Rite now, im doing the slides for the presentation,
at the same time,hoping dat everything will turn out to be good,
Not only for me,
But to all of my beloved friends...
We tried our best..
and the last thing that we can do is Tawakkal to ALLAH....
we plan, HE will determine....

When care is pressing u down a bit,
Rest if u must, but dont u quit...-(anynonymous)

Zara <3

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bionyte comes to an end..:(

Dear Blog,

finally, im in my last sem,
Working hard to finish my projects, stumbled upon the tests and quizzes,
and of course, my emotions..

Hehe, i do think that by doing project, it tested my ability to cope stress,
i dunt think im successfully overcome it,
Next time, stop worrying and start living!!
Put a big plaster of smile on my face, and smile for wateva things come...
I hope i can do this..:)

Here are some pictures from the last bionyte...
Fortunately, i won!!
diz is the first tyme i won prizes in such a beautiful ceremony,
Thanks to all who voted me to be the bioprincess for 3rd year students,
im happy..:)
Finally, i did have a chance to be on that grand stage and had my gift...

Apart from that,i did receive an award from my beautiful dean, Prof Noor Aini..
Thank u very much to Prof and FBB staffs...
All of u are very great <3<3
Thanks for giving me such a precious gift and sweet memories..:)

Me and Aza, the biggest fan of suju..<3

Me and Dr Shahir, the most outgoing lecturer...:)

Friends forever..:)

Thanks Prof..:) iM grateful....

me and shakinah, my labmate...hehehe....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Miss u, Syahida.....:(

Dear blog,

i really missed my very best frenz,
Syahida Mohamed Hassan.
She is kind, very cute, tall, and everything that is good that u can imagine,
She is a bright girl,
the brightest chain in d link....

Ive really missed d moments when we were together,
Now, she is in New Zealand,
Pursuing her dreams,
She is soooo good in English,
and she is d one that taught me to read English novel,
of course, Danielle steel...hehehe...
I still remember the book that ive read like Thurston House...
Ive admire her courage, her love towards her family and her humbleness...

Still, when im in depressed,
i wish that she is here,
to say comforting words to me,
to say that everything will be okay....
This is what make me really miss u...
u know that u r such a good friend,
and im very lucky to get to know u..:)

Even though ,we knew each other for only three years,
but our friendship will remain forever....


Sunday, March 7, 2010

After life

Dear Blog,

Today, i did find sometimes to google about the life after death..
As a Muslim, we believe in the after life..
Then, our Iman will complete..
Due to some of my friends already gone forever, it make me think who will be next??
It could be me or my family or my friends....
It give me goosebumps evrytime i think about death..
Im so afraid as i know im not a good Muslimah ( but still im trying..)

Everyday, we need to ask ALLAH, please help us during our sakaratulmaut and prevent us from the torture when we were in only ALLAH can help us..

Life is too short,
too short to do mistakes,
too short to do deeds,
too short for everything,
live life according to Al-Quran and Sunnah,
Once we hold on to this,
With ALLAH permission,
we wont fall from the right path,
Never merry go round,
we are heading to only one way.

MANUSIA di dunia ini ibarat musafir yang sedang dalam perjalanan lalu berehat di bawah sepohon pokok untuk melepaskan lelah dan berehat seketika sebelum meneruskan ke destinasi yang hendak dituju.

zara <3