Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Miss u, Syahida.....:(

Dear blog,

i really missed my very best frenz,
Syahida Mohamed Hassan.
She is kind, very cute, tall, and everything that is good that u can imagine,
She is a bright girl,
the brightest chain in d link....

Ive really missed d moments when we were together,
Now, she is in New Zealand,
Pursuing her dreams,
She is soooo good in English,
and she is d one that taught me to read English novel,
of course, Danielle steel...hehehe...
I still remember the book that ive read like Thurston House...
Ive admire her courage, her love towards her family and her humbleness...

Still, when im in depressed,
i wish that she is here,
to say comforting words to me,
to say that everything will be okay....
This is what make me really miss u...
u know that u r such a good friend,
and im very lucky to get to know u..:)

Even though ,we knew each other for only three years,
but our friendship will remain forever....


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