Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bionyte comes to an end..:(

Dear Blog,

finally, im in my last sem,
Working hard to finish my projects, stumbled upon the tests and quizzes,
and of course, my emotions..

Hehe, i do think that by doing project, it tested my ability to cope stress,
i dunt think im successfully overcome it,
Next time, stop worrying and start living!!
Put a big plaster of smile on my face, and smile for wateva things come...
I hope i can do this..:)

Here are some pictures from the last bionyte...
Fortunately, i won!!
diz is the first tyme i won prizes in such a beautiful ceremony,
Thanks to all who voted me to be the bioprincess for 3rd year students,
im happy..:)
Finally, i did have a chance to be on that grand stage and had my gift...

Apart from that,i did receive an award from my beautiful dean, Prof Noor Aini..
Thank u very much to Prof and FBB staffs...
All of u are very great <3<3
Thanks for giving me such a precious gift and sweet memories..:)

Me and Aza, the biggest fan of suju..<3

Me and Dr Shahir, the most outgoing lecturer...:)

Friends forever..:)

Thanks Prof..:) iM grateful....

me and shakinah, my labmate...hehehe....


rafie said...

waaa! congrats2!

Zara said...

hehehe....thank u....:)