Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hail the newlyweds, my not so little sis..:)

Dear Blog,

Recently, i went back home after almost 4 months ++,
Quite a long time, no wonder i was feeling really homesick,
This time, it was special,
It was the first tyme i drove back home without any men accompanied me,
Obviously, my father and my brother will be my driving partner whenever i drive,
This time,
It all ladies you all!!! hehe...Girl power!!
My co-pilot, x lain x bukan, miss atik atikah (name x berapa nak glemer).....
and also my sweet and soft spoken auntie..:)

I couldnt have any holidays without important event,
and this time, it was because my little sis was gonna get married....
I was very excited for her, even though, some of my relatives kept on asking me and my other three unmarried sis, when will our turn be.....
I'll said, ada jodoh, adala..inikan semua kerja Tuhan..:)
But the best part, me and my sis got a ring and clothes as a gift from my adik ipar...for free!!!
He is my adik ipar even though he is 27 years old...:)
To my little sis, Siti Mardiah and my bro in law, Farouk,

May both of you find happines along your journey of life,
Lead your life as there will be no tomorrow...
And appreciate each other...:) 

I would like to share some of her photos here,
I wish to have a wedding like her,
It was simple, harmony and most importanly, there was no money being wasted...It was economical...!!

 The pelamin anganku musnah...hehe...

 Gifts from the hubby to the wife

 Gifts from wife to the hubby

 Mas kahwin org phg, rm22.50 tuuuunaaai!!!

 The happy faces of the unmarried sisters!!!

 My beautiful sis, Siti Mardiah..:)

Introducing, my bro in law, Farouk!!!ewah! senyum lebar gitu.....

 Sesi akad nikah, serius, suma org nebes!!

 Sembahyang solat sunat nikah...:)

 Jeng2!!! Nur Maryam Khalisah aka Dak Don Den Dantes...:)

 The brides with the parents...:)

 During hari persandingan....:) A day after the akad nikah...
 Ni meja pengantin.. I was the one in charge here together with my sis....Kak Ct and my auntie were the chef that day...Seriously, they cooked very well!!

 The guests were among our relatives and closest frenz only....

 My sis with her frenz who stayed at our home during the wedding...such good frenz..:)

 hehe.....Then, it was the end...
To teh, u r no longer a girl even though u r only 21 years old...
U r a grown woman!!!
No play2 okay....hikhik......


Nazreen B Abd Latif @ Yaacob said...

conratz... hope jodoh adik zara berkekalan sampai ke syurga

Safwan Puad said...

congratz to ur sis....and also u...!! cepat2 la plak...hehe

Zara said...

@ Nazreen: Terima kasih...doakanla ye..:)

@Safwan: thanks!!!hehe...itu x pasti,tapi, harap2 x lame lagi la...safwan juga pun!!