Saturday, April 17, 2010

Soften the hardening heart..

Dear Blog,

I'm so lazy today,

i watched a movie even though i'm going to face two more exams next week,

and now, i'm writing up my blog.....

Still don't regret it, don't u....ahaha.....

I know, when d exam is getting nearer, then at that time i'm starting to get busy,

reading all the notes, consume every words and ready to regurgitate it during exam...typical me!

I need to change,


Today, i did something very benificial after wasted much times (finally!..)

I read a blog, a good one, real good!!

- it dear friends :)

It told a way to soften the harden heart....

by reading beautiful words with beautiful meanings...

words that u read can calm urself,

words that u read give u satisfaction,

words that u read that grant u,

words that u read make u happy,

words that u read make u believe,

words that u read that help u,

the biggest "mukjizat" of our beloved prophet,Nabi Muhammad S.A.W

It is the AL-QURAN....

I've still remember,

Ustaz Abdullah told me,

We need to read Al-Quran at least a page per day,

it will prevent us from doing bad things,

It help us,

It help our heart from becoming black with sins....


Read Al-Quran.....:) Everyday......:)

and I'm trying.....:)

Zara.....(happy mode even though 15 more chapters to go)....


Nurul Nuha said...

zara spears! i found ur blog through fb :)
so i heard ko dapat cpa 3.5 above, congratsss! :D

Zara said...

hehehe...Thanks Nuha..!!
thanks dropping by zara punye blog...:)
Nuha lagila terer nya....